Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Brought to you by Captain Kevin Little

tampa bay fishing captain kevin little

Tampa Bay Fishing Report – January 2020

With a warm winter in 2019 an 2020 fishing in Tampabay is still good . Starting off with bait .Bait to me is the difference between a good day and a ok day live bait in Tampa bay is still here look deep around all the bridges but the one that has it ever day of the year is the Skyway bridge I like to start early but you can catch it all day. I fish a 10 foot Lee Fishers cast net in the 3/8 Mesh size I’m still chumming to bring the bait to the boat and the rest is just a good cast with the net. Ok enough about bait let’s go fishing I fish this time of year for mostly inshore fish. Snook, Redfish ,trout, Crevalle jack, Bonnet head sharks Snapper and Grouper . I’m catching most of the snook reds and trout in the Little Manatee river, Little cockroach bay kwoning where the Deeper hole are is the key and the only way to learn this is to put your time in and the way to do this is to Tie on a jig Put down the troll motor in and start fishing going on lower tide will help you see Oyster bars and deeper edges longer mangroves. I like fishing with jig this time of year you have to fish slower and Quieter because of water temperature is lower .Now that you have found a few fishing spots and you have a live well full of bait go to your spots a start fishing and always keep your eyes and ears open and let the fish tell you what to do. 813-763-0024

tampa bay fishing captain kevin little

Tampa Bay Fishing Report – October

It’s that time of year where we are starting to see are cool weather what cooler weather we here in Tampa bay are stuck in a summer time but don’t tell the fish this because the fishing here has been great where to start. First the snapper bite is still going off with boat limits when my customer what to target them add a few fat groupers an now you have some good eats. Inshore WOW ! the Snook and Reds are off the chain with 5o,60,70,fish days keeping the rod bent is not a problem. This is the time of year here in Tampa bay th as t makes fishing (catching) as good as it gets. So book your trip now ! And talk advantage of Old Florida Adventure fishing charters. 813-763-0024

tampa bay fishing captain kevin little

September 2019 Tampa Fishing Report

September is all about Redfish the full and New moon tides are the highest of the month that puts the reds on the bars alot of time when the water is high the mullet will school up in great numbers and the reds like to mix in with the mullet. Find the mullet and you are on Redfish. I like the biggest white bait when I’m on the Redfish it’s fall and the reds are putting on the feed bag so go big with the bait and you never know sometimes you will catch the best snook of the year fishing for the reds snook like the same spots as reds.

The bit is only getting better as fall temperatures are just around the corner so book your fishing trip and have a great Adventure.

tampa bay fishing captain kevin little

August 2019

Here in Tampa bay in August the fishing is great it fun how when the water temperature gets back down a little the fish are eager to put on the feed bag . Let’s start with the Mangrove snappers this is one of the best mouths to catch all you want. In Tampa bay we have what we captains call the ditch which is a man made channel for ship that bring all kinds of cargo into Tampa bay now the Mangrove snappers are living on the edge of the channel in about 25′ of water. A half ounce jig with a small white bait is all you need. The Redfish are starting to school up and are more predictable with large schools at the mouth of Tampa bay looking for those schools on the high tides around Mangrove trees and oysters bars are where you want to fish live pinfish and shrimp are the top baits. For all the rest of the fish in Tampa bay there bitting to the Snook, Mackerel, Shark’s and the Silver King aka Tarpon are here and waiting for any one who is willing for a #Oldfloridaadventuresfishingcharter.

tampa bay fishing captain kevin little

July, 26 2019

Tampa Bay is red hot with the Mangrove snappers. The small green backs that most Fisherman’s are using for the mangrove snappers is the bait of choice but a shrimp will work also. There is a 5 fish limit per person which makes a wonderful mess of fish for anybody to bake fry or grill fish tacos or one of my favorite. What I do after I catch my limit of Mangrove Snappers in Tampa Bay . We would go fishing for Snook ,Redfish , trout or Tarpon. So if you are looking for a great time catching on Tampa Bay reach out and book #OldFloridaAdventuresfishingcharters

tampa bay fishing captain kevin little

July fishing here in Tampa Bay can be great the key it to fish early when it’s cool and late in the afternoon after the rains. Matching the hatch this time of year the small green back are in abundant using a 1/4 inch cast net will keep you in all you need . Just keep in mind that the water temperature are high and blacking out a live well will kill most of your bait. A few hundred is better. I will catch some bait and put in a bucket for dead chum the snapper, trout, Tarpon, mackerel, Redfish will eat the well in the hot water just because they don’t have to chase them down . As for summer time fishing the mangrove snapper fishinghere in Tampa Bay heats up to. I like to fish on the edge of the Ship Channel in about 25 foot of water I will use a 1/0 circle hook the brand owner is my favorite and a small slip sinker weight depend on the tide movement fish the slower part of the tide an the biguest tip is to chum and don’t stop even if you are catching snapper keep chumming until you catch your limit.